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Education and Research


A career in the field of “Education”, is ideal for a person who wants to make a positive difference in the lives of students; inspiring them to achieve the best in their lives! It is a good career option for people who are academically inclined, creative, enthusiastic, flexible, encouraging and patient!

A Career in Education / Teaching can be especially satisfying and rewarding for someone who wishes to give back to the society and make a difference. Education related career is no longer restricted only to “Teaching”.; Today, career options related to this field include Education Administration & Management, Library related career options, Special Teaching services (for children and youth with disabilities), etc.

Research and Development

Research & Development is a good career option for someone who is intellectually and academically inclined. It has the potential for a high level of satisfaction, especially for someone who tends to constantly seek new information/ further knowledge in the field of his/her interest.

For serious and determined candidates, this career path provides a good scope for pursuing independent Research in the subject area of their interest!

Career Options
Education Education Administration and Management
Special Education Service
Research Research and Development