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Administrative and Diplomatic Services

It is the body of diplomats and foreign policy officers maintained by the government of a country to communicate with the governments of other countries. Diplomatic personnel enjoy diplomatic immunity when they are accredited to other countries. Diplomatic services are often part of the larger civil service and sometimes a constituent part of the foreign ministry.

Administrative services include planning, directing, and coordinating supportive services of any organization. These could be government organizations, public and private sector organizations, NGOs, etc. Administration Careers comprise a variety of positions and tasks associated with administering the functions and activities to help companies/organizations run smoothly.

Careers in administration support services range from managing the front desk and answering telephonic inquiries to working with the senior management compiling reports, etc. Administrators typically perform clerical tasks and should be able to effectively operate computer systems and relevant databases, as well as office equipment.

Career Options
Administrative Support Services Administrative Assistants/Secretary
Clerical and General Office Administration
Warehousing and Inventory Management
Government Diplomatic and Administrative Services Indian Administrative Services
Indian Audit and Accounts Service
Indian Civil Accounts Service
Indian Corporate Law Service
Indian Defence Accounts Service
Indian Defence Estates Service
Indian Foreign Services
Indian Information Service (Junior Grade)
Indian Police Service
Indian Postal Service
Indian Revenue Service (Custom & Central Excise)
Indian Revenue Service (I. T.)