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Sports is an activity performed by an individual or team either in a competitive spirit or for exercise or purposes of recreation and entertainment. All forms of sports activities involve physical application/ exertion and skills.

Depending on one’s aptitude, skill sets, physical and mental stamina levels, they can choose a mainstream sports career as a sportsperson in a sport of his/her choice, or other career options such as being a Sports Trainer, Coaching, etc.

However, these are not the only Career Option available in this field. A non-athletic / non-sports background person can also find a career option in a range of allied Sports support fields such as Sports Related Health and fitness, Sports Journalism, Sports Photography, etc.

Career Options
Sports Main Stream Adventure Sports Trainer
Coaching/ Professional Sportsman
Umpire (Cricket)
Sports Support Fitness Instructor or Trainer/ Medical Professional
Sports Commentator
Sports Journalism
Sports Management
Sports Photography