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Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery

The Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing Industry consists of organizations & set-ups mainly involved in reaping crops, raising animals, harvesting timber, and garnering fish and other animals from their natural habitats such as a farm, ranch, natural waterways, artificial / man-made fishery, etc.

Establishments in agriculture, forestry, and fishing include farms, ranches, dairies, greenhouses, nurseries, orchards, and hatcheries.

Agriculture, forestry, and fishing Sector primarily includes Crop production and Animal production. The Secondary (subordinate / sub-sectors) include forestry and logging, fishing, and agricultural support activities.

Crop production includes farms / agricultural set-ups that mainly grow crops used for food and fibre. The animal production includes farms /ranches that cultivate animals for sale or for animal products.

Fishing includes mainly fishers that catch fish and shellfish to sell, while Forestry and logging includes growing, harvesting, and selling lumber /wood.

Agricultural support activities include performing various agricultural-related activities, such as soil preparation, planting, harvesting, or management.

This Industry plays a very important role in the economy and income of the human populace. There are a wide range of occupations associated with this industry including farmers /farm workers, Agricultural / Forestry/ Fishery Specialist positions.

Career Options
Agriculture Agricultural Engineer
Agricultural Food Scientist
Agricultural Inspector
Agricultural Manager
Agricultural Specialist
Fishery Aquatic Ecology / Marine Ecology
Fishery Biologist
Fishery Science and Management
Forestry Crop and Farm Manager
Endangered Species Biologist / Wildlife biologists
Forest Ranger/ Forest Range Officer.
Park Ranger
Park Service Technicians
Plant Nursery Operations
Wildlife Consultant / Environmental Consultant
Wildlife Officer