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"A one-stop solution to help make the best choice for yourself."

Making the right choice involves understanding yourself, getting the right guidance and building confidence to walk on the path you choose.

Insight Into Yourself

To achieve correct direction success and satisfaction in education and career one must have proper alignment of Aptitude, Interest and Personality. It may so happen that a person is interested in a particular career but may not have the aptitude or personality required for it and vice a versa. To achieve success in your career, a right mentor and counselor can guide on how you can build your aptitude or hone your personality to achieve happiness and success in your preferred career choice. Our counselors can guide you to work in the right direction.

Report: On completion of all three test A Comprehensive 5 Pages report will generate which can be downloaded and kept in pdf format. The report has graphical representation for easy and quick understanding and simple explanation to make findings clear for you. Report will also be available on your account for one year.

Counselling & Guidance

Meet the Counsellors & Experts
  • At The Outset Of Your Career

    SWN Counselors are available for further guidance and discussions. You can book your slot as per your convenience with our counselor. A professional assistance and guidance go a long way in shaping your career.

  • Building A Sustainable Career

    A series of sessions with our counselors to build yourself a career that is sustainable and satisfying in terms of your passion, interest, aligned with your life goals, helps you lead a healthy lifestyle and helps you build a healthy financial portfolio. Our counselors and mentors can help you:

    • Help focus/refocus on your long-term goals.
    • Build a sustainable financial plan.
    • Assess and reassess what skills you need to continually work on.
    • Combat toxic or discouraging environments and life phases.
    • Work with you on your healthy lifestyle.
  • Database To Start Exploring

    SWN Career Explorer provides broad categories of careers for better understanding of the current situation to help you take a proper decision about your professional life. SWN Career Categories are presented in a simple manner after the research of various international classifications like ISIC, ISCED, ISCO, NIC & NOC.

  • Personalized Support

    SWN provides you personalized service for careers not listed/ present in it’s data base. You can get all the required information on any specific career from our professionals.

Learning & Training/Mentoring

  • Starting Your Career

    SWN is a cozy support system for easy transition form college life to real world. You can get required confidence, strength, and skill to be successful with our special Mentoring programmes. All programme are especially designed keeping need of our and various sectors in mind

    • Build true confidence/ How to be confident.
    • Facing interview successfully.
    • Improve Communication Skills.
    • Etiquettes.
    • E-Etiquettes.
    • Work on your Strength.
    • Self-Management.
    • Proficiency in Computer Skills ( MS Office).
  • We have expert mentors who can help you prepare for the most challenging and difficult business interviews. Contact us to arrange mock interviews with our mentors.

  • To remain relevant with the changing times and needs it is important to keep nourishing yourself with knowledge and skills. Use our expert trainers over LIVE classes and e-learning modules to enhance your skills in:

    • Finance for non-finance professionals.
    • Soft Skills.
    • Team Management.
    • Project Management.
    • Business Development.
    • Work on your Strength.
    • Self-Management.
    • Marketing and sales.


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