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So, What Next? (SWN) is your one stop guide to bring fulfilment in life by charting out the path for the most rewarding career.
SWN Career Explorer provides broad categories of career for better understanding of the current situation to help you take a proper decision about your professional life.
The SWN Career Categories are presented in a simple manner after the research of various international classifications like international Industrial classifications. International Standard Industrial Classification of all Economic Activities(ISIC), International Standard Classification of Education ISCED, International Standard Classification of Occupation (ISCO), National Industrial Classification (All Economic Activities) (NIC) and National Occupational Classification (NOC). Careers

SWN is a platform to plan career for achieving great success and higher gratification in life.
A great deal of time, energy and resources are spent on our education and many a times we are not even sure where are we heading!
To achieve correct direction, success and satisfaction in education and career one must have proper alignment of Aptitude, Interest and Personality. It may so happen that a person is interested in a particular career but may not have the aptitude or personality required for it and vice a versa.
SWN is a platform to assess and coordinate your interest, aptitude and personality with scientific methods. SWN provides various Psychometric Tests to address these major areas. Planning

SWN Career Support System is a multifaceted feature helping in shaping you to be worthy of the best possible opportunity.
SWN has a section dedicated to Frequently Asked Questions, visiting it may resolve many of your doubts.
If you have any specific query, then SWN brings to you help form experienced career counsellors in Speak to Counselor Section.
SWN is an effective platform to develop required soft skills and technical skills along with improving yourself with Expert videos.

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  • I did my career assessment with SWN and found really interesting and amusingly educative. The assessment really gave me a profound insight about my interests and competencies
    - Paul Solomon
  • It is highly commendable to collate so much data along with Personality, Interest and Aptitude tests and also to add the Skill development feature added to it.
    - Kalpesh Hiwase (Career Counsellor, MBA, Electronics Engineer)
  • Just checked the website on mobile. Layout looks very friendly. The language is spot on and gives the comfort that So What Next? can help people achieve their goals in life.
    - Saurabh Kochrekar (Actuary, Chemical Engineer (GOLD MEDALIST UICT, Mumbai)
  • ONE STOP SHOP for all the career seekers!
    - Kalpesh Hiwase (Career Counsellor, MBA, Electronics Engineer)
  • The three tests gives an ideal way of gauging one's personality and most trusted method of shortlisting the career.
    - Saurabh Kochrekar (Actuary, Chemical Engineer (GOLD MEDALIST UICT, Mumbai)