What is 'SO WHAT NEXT?'

"So What Next? is a one stop guide for choosing the right career and achieving success in life."

Unlike the old days, when there were a limited number of educational programmes and a few career choices were available, today our society is booming with a very wide variety of courses, degree programmes, training courses and careers. All of this can be very confusing for any aspirant.

This is where ‘So What Next?’ comes as a guiding force!

A team of professors, counsellors, educationists and management experts have come together to create the comprehensive one stop solution to address all the education and career related queries.

The Comprehensive Search Function

  • Well Researched Search Function Of Careers & Colleges
  • Help To Understand Career Details, Similar Careers, Educational Processes Required, etc.
  • Identify & Connect To Colleges & Universities

Making the Right Choice

  • Interest Test: Interest is a driving force which directs the course of growth and development and individualizes student’s personality. This test gives grounds to know about nature and characteristics of interest
  • Aptitude Test: The aptitude may be considered as a special activity or specific capacity besides the general intellectual ability, which helps the individuals to acquire a required degree of proficiency or achievement in a specific field.
  • Personality Test:The various aspects of a person’s character that combine to make different from other people are their personality. Personality assessment is very important, as it helps in predicting right personality types of careers/jobs.

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