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Defence and Security

The term “Defence” means the “Armed Forces” of country and broadly includes a country’s army/military forces, air force, naval forces and may also include the country’s coast guard. A country’s various paramilitary organisations, and inter-service institutions may also form part of her Defence & Security Arrangements.

The various armed forces within the spectrum of a country’s defence industry, provide support for its national security, and protection for the country and its citizens.

The Defence field is a good career option for candidates who aspire to serve their nation, while also having a career of excitement, adventure, and challenges. This field provides the potential for a dynamic career and for fulfilment of one’s personal and professional expectations.

A career in defence forces is also considered one of the most prestigious and respected positions in most countries as also in INDIA.

Besides “National Defence and Security”, a career in “Security” may also include domestic / local Security such as in the field of Cyber Security, Private / Personal Security, etc.  While this career option is available for candidates with no previous defence experience, it can also be a good option for ex- defence personnel. 

Career Options
Defence Armed Forces Indian Air Force
Indian Army
Indian Coast Guard
Indian Navy
Security Cyber Security / Computer Security Expert
Private / Personal security Officer (PSO)
Security Manager