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Architectural and Engineering Activities

Architecture and Engineering – may seem like similar fields in terms of design and implementation of building and structures.; Indeed Architects & Engineers do perform a lot of parallel functions in these areas, yet there are key differences in the two fields in terms of approach to the respective fields of work, perspectives, skill sets required, etc.

Architects focus on designing and constructing form, space, ambiance of buildings and other physical environments; This may include specialization in Interior design, Landscape Architecture, Regional and Urban spaces planning, etc.

Engineers on the other hand, ensure that a design will work by applying specific scientific principles! However, besides the aspects of design, the term “Engineering” also encompasses a wide range of other specializations such as Aeronautical, Agricultural, Chemical, Chemical, Ceramic, Computer, Electrical, Electronic, Food, Textile, and a host of other engineering fields!

Knowing the distinctions and the traits/skill sets that complement each of the careers within the broad spectrum of Architecture and Engineering Activities, may help you decide better on the most appropriate career path for you.

Career Options
Architecture Architect
Interior Designing
Landscape Architecture Design
Urban and Regional Planning
Engineeering Acoustic/Sound Engineer
Aeronautical Engineering
Agricultural Engineering
Automotive Engineering
Biomedical Engineering
Ceramic Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Computer Engineering
Controls, Robotics and Mechatronics
Electrical Engineer
Electronics Engineer
Environmental Engineering
Food Engineering
Industrial Engineering
Intstrumentation Engineering
Manufacturing and Production Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Metallurgical Engineering
Mining Engineering
Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering
Nuclear Engineering
Ocean Engineering
Petroleum Engineering
Plastics Engineering
Textile Engineering