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Transportation and Logistics

Transport refers to the movement of people, and logistics refers to the movement of freight (i.e. goods, natural resources, mail, etc.). However, this sector is not just about moving things around the world by road, rail, sea or air. It’s also all about managing the supply, demand, distribution and procurement operations too.

Freight and passenger services would not operate effectively without the processes, regulations and strategies that control and influence each activity. Big decisions need to be made and important conversations need to take place before things are transported halfway across the planet. This is where careers in supply chain, procurement, freight forwarding and distribution management play an integral role.

Before goods can be transported en masse, they normally need to be stored somewhere. People who work in warehouse, storage and inventory management are essential cogs in the logistics wheel. These guys make sure that the right goods are available and organised before companies export and ship large orders. 

Trade routes, railway lines, motorways and cycle paths don’t just spring up out of nowhere, and likewise their trajectories aren’t simply arranged in a haphazard, willy-nilly fashion. A lot of meticulous planning and organisation is required before any route can be constructed. This is where careers in transport management and planning fit in.

Career Options
By Air Air Traffic Management
Airline Ground Staff
Commercial Airline Support Staff
Commercial Airplane / Helicopter Pilot
By Road Automobile Mechanic
Industrial Vehicle Operator
By Sea Marine Cargo Inspector / Surveyor
Marine Insurance Agent / Underwriter
Merchant Navy Crew
Merchant Navy Deck Officer
Merchant Navy Engineer Officer
Ship Agent
Ship Broker
Ship Charterer