Interest is an inspiring factor that persuades an individual to take up and carry out certain activity.

SWN Interest test is designed to help you discover what your interests are and how they relate to the world of work.

However, converting interest into a career requires supportive skill.


Aptitude is special ability/ skill or talent which is beyond general intelligence.

It helps an individual to achieve a level of excellence or achievement in the specific field.

SWN Aptitude Test is a systematic means of testing your abilities to perform specific tasks.

The Test follows an integrated, scientific and standardized procedure for measuring your ability and presents the most suitable education and career related options.


Personality is a set of pattern of behavior which helps an individual to act, react and perceive various aspects of life and relationship.

SWN Personality Test is designed to helps you discover your personality type and learn how to take advantage of your natural strengths and talents in identifying the most suitable career for yourself.


SWN Counselling Service includes a professional counsellor advising (on line) on the set of Careers and Educational streams that would be most suitable to an aspirant.

This may usually last up to 10 minutes of online chat.

Authentic, unbiased counselling is based on the results of the Interest, Aptitude and Personality Tests, and hence the tests should be undertaken first.

The SWN counselor provides guidance through an online chat after studying the reports thoroughly.

Career Planning